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Dev Blog #3: ExileLord Rants

ExileLord • January 11, 2019

So one thing I’ve wanted to talk to the community about for a while is the new input system we’re working on in PNH. So before I go into detail on that, let me talk about the input system in Clone Hero, Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and pretty much every other game there is. I’m also just going to say Clone Hero from now on instead of “every other game out there” for the sake of brevity.

Dev Blog #2: Where's the news!?

Matt Sitton • August 16, 2018

As you are aware, it has certainly been quite a while since the last blog post where we announced our intentions of starting a new project and moving towards something better. Since then, both a lot has happened, and not a lot has happened. We know we have been very quiet about things, and, to be truthful, we don’t have a ton to show everyone at this point. We certainly don’t want to reveal all of our cards at this point, as we think there will be some fierce competition out there :)

Dev Blog #1: A New Hope

Matt Sitton • April 15, 2018

Our second attempt at our First dev blog! On twitter the community overwhelmingly voted in favor for us to start a blog series devoted to the game’s development. Thanks for the continued support everyone!