Project Note Hitter


Project Note Hitter is our working name for the second iteration of Clone Hero, a free rhythm game similar to Rock Band and Guitar Hero for five and six note controllers as well as standard gamepads and keyboards. Like its predecessor, Note Hitter will support standard instruments including the guitar, drums, and keyboard. It will also allow users to play all legacy feedback and MIDI charts available in the previous game.

What's New

With Note Hitter we wanted to start from the ground up. By restarting on our codebase, we're making it easier to add features cleanly and efficiently later in Note Hitter's lifecycle. By taking advantage of the new input system in Unity's game engine, we'll be able to significantly improve hit detection regardless of the framerate the game is running at. Furthermore, by maintaining consistent abstraction and organization, we'll make room for possibilities in realm of custom plugins and modded charts.

Keeping Up

To keep the community in the loop, we run a development blog where we try to post weekly updates on the status of various parts of the game. To check it out, head over here.

Frequently Asked Questions

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